Recuperators recover heat from waste gases to preheat air used for combustion in the furnaces/process. This reduces fuel consumption, increases flame temperature and improves furnace efficiency. Recuperators reduce upto 45% of the fuel consumption compared to cold air combustion.Combustion air preheats up to 800°C available.
Lean fuel gases and other process gases can also be preheated along with combustion air.

We also preheat fuel gasses like BF gas and producer gas. We have the widest range of custom designed and commercially viable solutions for almost every application. We are among the world leaders in Heat Recuperation Technology with over 4500 installations worldwide.

We provide recuperators for various industries to recover waste heat from industrial exhaust gases in an easily usable manner. Our recuperators preheat the combustion air from fuel gases to recycle the waste heat back to the furnaces. It saves fuel, increases flame temperature and improves furnace efficiency. Our recuperators are made from high quality materials such as durable stainless steel and other exotic alloys. At Eastern we offer customized solution for all recuperators to suit your need.

Types of Recuperators

We offer the following types of Recuperators:

Some Of Our Recuperators

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