Gas Cooler - Forced Draft

Gas Coolers


Gas coolers find the widest application in the area of environmental control, where hot dirty emissions from industrial processes must be cooled before the pollution control equipment. The hot process/flue gas is cooled indirectly with atmospheric air as the cooling medium.

The volume of the cooled gas does not increase unlike evaporative coolers. The heat absorbed by the cooling medium, can be used in other processes or allowed to escape.

Gas coolers are used with pollution control systems like ESP, Bag House, etc to cool hot dust laden flue gasses before the cleaning systems. Our coolers are cost effective, they have the lowest maintenance cost and are easy to operate. The gas coolers/ forced draft flue coolers are installed in steel melting Arc furnaces, Sponge Iron Plants, Lead Smelters, Incinerators, etc. We provide customized solutions to cool hot dirty gasses from as high as 1400°C to 140°C. The cooled process gasses are not contaminated and remain pure. Recovered heat can be used in other processes. We can use any process gas, atmospheric air or a combination for cooling.

Our Forced Draft Coolers are generally factory assembled for fast and easy installation. This is used in VOC abatement and similar pollution control systems.

Even with ventury scrubbers, it can replace the evaporative cooling sections thereby reducing processed water usage and associated increase in dirty gas volumes. With dry cooling, the moisture content in the cooled gas can be controlled as desired. Volume of the cooled gasses does not increase as no water vapour is added.

Types of Gas Coolers