Work Culture

Flexibility And Collaboration Is Our Work Ethos

Work Culture

Innovative and Cost-Effective Industrial Solutions!

The work culture at Eastern Recuperators is based on the following pillars –

  • Customer service – Customers’ satisfaction attitude resides not just within the customer-facing staff but even in the minds of our workforce that work behind the stage.
  • Sales – The sales team is skilled, knowledgeable, and consistently hits the goals. The best sales rep is appreciated with good incentives, this strengthens the sales culture.
  • Empowerment – No one in our workforce regardless of rank or position feels undervalued.

Eastern Recuperators has a clear mission and vision. We have recruited smart personnel to represent our company.

We enjoy a healthy and productive company culture!

About Eastern

Innovative and Cost-Effective Industrial Solutions! As an ISO 9001-2015 certified company, we have been providing a new level of innovative, efficient and affordable solution to waste heat recovery. Committed to expand and diversify our operations in terms of quality standards & volume & help engineering a strong and prosperous India.